Application Developement

Desktop, Laptop, or mobile, PC, Mac, or Linux, regardless of the device or platform, when your data needs to be accessible from anywhere, you need a app that’s built with flexibility in mind. Because our focus is on making the solution fit the business challenge, not the other way around, we’re fluent in a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Whether your corporate standard is Microsoft .NET and SQL Server or you have a preference for open source development, LeByte’s Application Dev team will work with the platform that best suits your functionality, timeframe, and budget.

For branding or specific interface requirements, our applications can be custom tailored to meet the unique look and feel you desire. We work with practically all content management systems to get you up and running fast, or if your needs are more custom, we can design and build from scratch. We also have extensive expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing techniques to ensure that all the time and effort you put into development gets the results from the visitors you want.

With full-time developers and a delivery method that leverages the latest online collaboration tools, project timelines and results are equally successful regardless of where you’re located. Onsite and in person or remotely over the phone, LeByte is there for you.

Need to integrate with Microsoft-specific platforms like SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Intuit Quickbooks, and/or Intuit QB POS? As a company partnered with multiple industry leaders, LeByte has the proven expertise to make any application integration project a success.