Data Backup & Security

LeByte provides the very best data security for your onsite and offsite data needs. From data backup to medical and government level security, Lebyte and our partner company CAB provide you with the unbeatable local and offsite backup. We can provide any level of encryption you require.

For business users:
Not only is this a great idea; but it’s now quickly becoming a requirement for many forms of businesses. Medical facilities, financial facilities, and insurance companies are requiring offsite, automatic backups!
Don’t lose your precious company data! Studies show that 60% of businesses that have a catastrophic data loss will be out of business within 6 MONTHS! The cost of restoring or recreating company data is immeasurable.

For home users:
Don’t lose your wedding, honeymoon, or children’s pictures! You want to know that your financial, tax, and personal information is safely, and securely stored, just in case!
Anywhere you have critical information stored that cannot be lost you will find you need the addition of an online backup solution.
Lebyte provides this service affordably and locally. We can restore critical data in as fast as 12 hours! Compare that to the 3-5 day time frame of many online, not local, providers and it just makes sense to have us backing up your business or personal data.

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